Silver Sponsorship $16,500 CAD + HST (13%):

This sponsorship includes:
Booth (3m x 2 m) in all cities.
30 min seminar in all cities.
QR Code Reader Rental.
Live Webinar prior to event - +186K followers on Social Media.
Lead generation before & after event.
Institution Profile on website
Promotion of Institution on Social Media Channels.

What is included per city?

Tour Combo $14,500 CAD+HST(13%) - BEST SELLER!

This sponsorship includes:
-Booth only (3m x 2 m) in all cities, no extras.
-Lead generation before & after event.
-Qr Code Reader Rental.
-Institution Profile on website
-Promotion of Institution on Social Media Channels.

Individual cities - Does not count towards package discount.

-Booth only (3m x 2 m) in all three cities, no extras.
-Lead generation before & after event.
-Qr Code Reader Rental.
1- I understand, that there is always a risk when traveling and that there is a possibility that I or a member of my organization could become infected with COVID-19. In which case, me or the organization I represent will not hold Ibarra & Wharton Group Inc. liable and will need to Quarantine and follow local public health guidance in the remote case that I test positive for Covid-19.
2-No booth sharing permitted.
3.- Deposit is non-refundable.
4.-The undersigned is authorized to sign on applicant behalf.
5.-A rate of 12% will be charged on all over due accounts.
6.-Any legal fees incurred by Ibarra & Wharton Group Inc. for the collection of over due accounts shall be paid by the client.
7.-Booth space must be cancelled in writing 30 days before the show or exhibitor fails to occupy booth space, exhibitor will be liable for any unpaid balance of the contract.
8.- Exhibitors are prohibited to promote other companies within their own booths.
9- Immigration Consultants: The exhibitor must be registered and in good standing with the ICCRC before and during the show otherwise the organizer reserves the right to refuse the participation of said company.