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  • Fall Online Summit
    Sept 29th, Oct 1st & 3rd 2020
  • Daily Seminar Schedule
    12:15 pm - PRIME
    1:00 pm - PRIME
    1:45 pm - PRIME
    2:30 pm - PRIME
    3:15 pm - PRIME

    Prime Time Sponsorship
    Choose your seminar time from (12:00 pm to 4:00 pm)
    30 Min. Live Webinar
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    Virtual Booth + Live Chat
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    Silver Sponsorship
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  • 1.- No booth sharing permitted.
    2.- Deposit is non-refundable.
    3.- Applicants are responsible for the loss of any personnel or property damage, including theft.
    4.- Applicants undertake to arrange for their freight of transportation of all their materials to and from the show site within the allotted time.
    5.- Applicants agree to any claim related to the sale of edible items.
    6.- Any decoration is responsability of the applicant.
    7.- The exhibitor shall set up his (their) stand and or dismantle it on the times and schedules given, otherwise will incurr in a penalty fee of $60.00 CAN for every extra hour.
    8.- No hand written signs are allowed.
    9.-It is exhibitors responsability to keep their areas clean an orderly throughout the show.
    10.-The undersigned is authorized to sign on applicant behalf.
    11.-A rate of 12% will be charged on all over due accounts.
    12.-Any legal fees incurred by Ibarra & Wharton Group Inc. for the collection of over due accounts shall be paid by the client.
    13.-Vendors are responsible for their own liability insurance.
    14.-Booth space must be cancelled in writing 30 days before the show or exhibitor fails to occupy booth space, exhibitor will be liable for any unpaid balance of the contract.
    15.- Free samples can be distributed. Any exhibitor offering food samples, must notify in writting to show management NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES PERMITTED.
    16.-Applicants are responsible for any damage to rental property or other displays caused by them or any of their members.
    17.- Exhibitors may not attach display to wall, structural supports, or flooring in the building by nails, screws, or permanent glue, cement or tape.
    18.- Exhibitors are prohibited to promote other companies within their own booths.
    19- Immigration Consultants: The exhibitor must be registered and in good standing with the ICCRC before and during the show otherwise the organizer reserves the right to refuse the participation of said company.