¿Quiéres saber tu nivel de inglés? Lo podrás saber en la expo Vente a Canadá

If you are planning on immigrating or studying in Canada, you will almost definitely need to pass a language exam. If you are reading this article in English without any issues, you should smile because with some exam training, you can probably get the score you need!

For some of you, you may be proficient in the English language because you worked in an English-speaking country or you may have studied English at school. For others, you may have taught yourself English by listening to songs, watching movies and practicing with foreign friends. Again this is great news, but the big question we need to ask ourselves is whether or not your English skills will translate into an English exam setting to give you the score that you need to meet your immigration goals.

For immigration, you are going to need to take the IELTS-General exam. The exam results you will obtain will be crucial in opening immigration options for you and even a difference of 1 score can mean the difference between having immigration options and not. Ideally, you would get as high of a score as possible to give yourself the most (and best) immigration opportunities.

Don’t worry! The Canadian team at English Exam Prep is here to help!

You already have the English skills, so what we are here to do is to make sure you have the exam knowledge needed to get the English score you deserve.

Be sure to visit us at our booth in Monterrey on March 23rd to make sure that you can overcome this step as easily and quickly as possible.

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