Updated Jan 17th 2023

Shipping Labels

Please ensure taxes and shipping expenses are pre-paid.

Important: HYATT PLACE HOTEL – Bogotá has advised us that all packages sent to the hotel must have the guest’s name, and guest must make their reservation through the unique fair discount code for Vente a Canadá. Otherwise, The hotel will reject your parcel.

Booth Setup Times

Colombia 🇨🇴

  • Barranquilla, Colombia: 8:00 am – Hotel Dann Carlton BAQ – NEW
  • Medellín, Colombia 11:00 am – Hotel Presidente intercontinental
  • Bogotá, Colombia: 8:00 am –  Ágora Centro de Convenciones


Where to print Brochures/flyers in Colombia:

Mazzary Ltda
Gustavo Ballesteros
Celular y WhatsApp . +573002646394

We use this supplier to print flyers as well as most institutions. They are located in Bogotá and shipping to other cities is not expensive.

México 🇲🇽

  • Mérida, Mexico: 9:00 am – HYATT Regency Mérida – New
  • Guadalajara, México 11:00 am – Hotel Fiesta Americana Minerva
  • CDMX: 8:00 am –  Sheraton Maria Isabel Reforma

****Exhibitors won’t be allowed to set up once the event has started, so please arrive on time and prepare your area.****

*Exhibitors will be fined $200 CAD if the booth is not ready before the event begins.

Expo Vente a Canada exhibitor rules:

  1. Exhibitors must remain inside their both/stand area. No wandering or handing of flyers outside the booth is permitted.
  2. Booths must always have personnel from the start times until closing.
  3. Exhibitors are responsible for their belongings and must not leave them out of sight. Vente a Canada cannot be held liable for missing/stolen items.
  4. Exhibitors must bring their setup materials, i.e. scissors, tape, candy, etc.
  5. It is prohibited to stick, glue, tape materials to the walls of the venues as these items can damage the facilities and will have a fine for doing so.
  6. maximum of 3 people (personnel) from the exhibitor’s company can be within the booth/stand area.
  7. Institutions: CAN invite Student agencies as long as they DO NOT hand out flyers, wear t-shirts or other items with their logos or provide information from other institutions. Agencies are permitted to handout business cards only.
  8. It is strictly prohibited to give/hand advertising materials (flyers, business cards, magazines) of companies/INSTITUTIONS not participating in the event.
  9. Exhibitors must wear a face mask at ALL times.


There will be no more QR Code Readers. In order to scan students QR Codes your institution must access our platform app.venteacanada.com with your email and cellphone.


Each institution can have up to 3 usernames, do not share these usernames with third parties as they will have access to all of your leads. We are working on fixing this for future fairs.

If you would like more usernames, please let us know asap and send us an email with their full name and email by Monday January 23rd 2023.